Schneider YoungPlants progress of new production facility


New Schneider production facility on schedule

At the end of this year Schneider Youngplants leaves completly their current location in Ridderkerk. Their new location in Woudrichem is going to expand the production capacity tremendory and is build right now.  We would like to give you an update about the construction of the new greenhouses in Woudrichem.

Two weeks ago, with the help of 50 people of the Schneider-Team and volunteers from Woudrichem and surroundings, they laid down a 40 x 250 m long black foil on the bottom of the new 12.000 m3 water basin. This once again showed that many hands make light work!  This week Wednesday the first glasses were mounted on the greenhouse.

From week 48 your ordered young plants will be produced at a different location than Ridderkerk.

We are looking forward to recieve young plants from the production in Woudrichem to be able to deliver you next season and make the world a little greener together!

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