VDA Prime stands for reliable quality flowerbulbs with beautiful flowers.

When you say Holland, you say flower bulbs. One of Holland’s most known export product is the flower bulb, not to mention the attraction it has on tourists.
We have several flower bulb events, like the “Keukenhof” and the “Bloemencorso”.
Flower Bulbs and especially the Tulip are dutch pride although it is not originally dutch.The Tulip grew in Turkey and the Sultan gave as a present some tulip bulbs to the ambassador of Austria. The ambassador gave these bulbs to a dutch friend who brought them to the gardens of the University of Leiden. The rest is history.

Professionel breeded bulbs of Haakman Flowerbulbs, clear varities and fresh from the field gives you the insurrance for a colorfull and healty growth!

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When it comes to tulip bulbs, Haakman Flowerbulbs is an absolute specialist worldwide. We always export tulps from the finest quality and highest standards.